Ikamva Labantwana Bethu (ILB) creates educational opportunities for children with great potential from Crossroads township. It is the only independent educational programme currently operating in Crossroads, an often overlooked community with a high rate of gangsterism, crime, and drug abuse.

ILB assists learners from grade 4-7 and provides them with daily homework assistance, Saturday tutoring sessions, and academic enrichment programmes during the extended school holidays. We work with high-potential, committed learners to help them maintain high marks and ensure a more promising future at university and beyond.

Our programme trains university students from Cape Town to serve as tutors. Tutors not only work towards improving learners’ academic performance, but also serve as role models who are living examples of individuals who have successfully journeyed from township to university.


Our Model

While there are many schools and organisations just like us, few offer support for primary school learners. This puts students at very big disadvantage because it is often too difficult to prepare learners for matric and university in just four years of high school. Most learners have attended poorly-resourced schools for many years and by the time they reach high school, bad habits are solidified in them and they are already far behind in attaining the necessary education to prepare them for a bright future.

We saw the need to begin working with learners at an earlier age. Rather than waiting until high school, we start working with students in grade 4 ,when English is introduced as the medium of instruction in township schools. We aim to address educational gaps as they appear while helping learners develop good study habits, strong characters and a lifelong passion for learning.

Beginning in grade 7, ILB works with learners to place them in local, high-performing, “impact” schools. We believe that learners need a full-time, high-quality education to ensure they are on the path to performing well in matric and have higher chances of being admitted at a university and attain higher education.