Our Main Center at 176 Intsikizi Street

176 Intsikizi Street, Crossroads, Cape Town, South Africa

On 10 June 2017, after five years of offering tuition lessons at various schools in the Crossroads township, Ikamva Labantwana moved into the old library building at 176 Intsikizi Street in Crossroads, and we finally and officially had a place to call home.

We want to thank the City of Cape Town who supported our application for the lease of these premises, as it really afforded us the opportunity to do more. It is wonderful for us as we are now able to assist more learners in our programmes in our very own classes, in addition to the classes at our local schools.

This building also enabled us to grow and deepen our work by introducing other programmes such as skills development for youth that are out of school and unemployed.

And we now have a hub where we can invite various departments that can come and offer services that can help the community.