Our Programmes

Academic Support

We saw the need to begin working with learners at an earlier age. Rather than waiting until high school, we start working with students in grade 4, when English is introduced as the medium of instruction in township schools. We aim to address educational gaps as they appear while helping learners develop good study habits, strong characters and a lifelong passion for learning.

We believe that learners need a full-time, high-quality extended education to ensure they are on the path to performing well in school and have higher chances of being admitted at a university and attain higher education.

Homework Assistance

Learners need to maintain strong marks to gain admittance to high-performing high schools. ILB provides a safe space for learners to complete their homework with access to assistance from tutors. We currently have 200 children in our classes, from grade four to seven, drawn from primary schools from Crossroads and Nyanga.

Maths & English Tutoring

ILB provides additional tutoring in Math and English using resources and materials that are tied to the South African national curriculum. We provide kids with time and support to help them improve and keep off the streets.

High School Placement

To ensure a stronger path to University, ILB helps learners gain admittance to local high-performing high schools, such as LEAP Science and Maths Schools, Cape Academy for Maths, Science and Technology, Claremont High School, COSAT and Christel House.

Bursary Assistance

While ILB partners with schools that offer exceptional value for money, learners often need financial assistance for school fees, uniforms, books, stationary and transportation. We help learners access bursary funds so they can afford the basic necessities needed to attend school.

Holiday Programmes

ILB ensures that learners stay on track during school breaks and keeps them occupied by providing educational and cultural programming in the Winter and Spring holidays. We believe that learners should spend their time in the most productive way possible.

Children’s Safe Home

We provide two safe homes to our beneficiaries who are in need of a safe home in Crossroads Township. We have two safe homes, one for girls and another one for boys where we provide children with a safe place to call home where they are provided with love, food, bed,...

Skills Development

The Skills Development Programme famously known as the Youth Café was officially launched on 13 July 2019 by MEC Albert Fritz of Western Cape Government Social Development. The Department of Social Development supports the skills development programme so the youth can have access to training and economic opportunities. We have carefully designed the skills development programme to address youth unemployment and skills shortage.

We provide training that is focused on building soft and hard skills which are needed in life, the labour and business markets. The following specialized courses: Life Skills, Computer, Barista, Office Admin, Career Guidance and Job Readiness training are offered daily to participating youth over a period of 2-3 months. Through this programme participants are inspired to find their own pathways to success and to become positive role models in their families and communities.

Life Skills Programme

Life skills increase young people’s well-being and helps them to develop into active and productive members of their communities. In this programme we explore topics such as confidence, sportsmanship, flexibility, persistence, co-operation, independence, responsibility, leadership, goal setting, time management, health awareness, decision making, respect, positive relations, communication, self-worth, courage, and more.

Office Administration

This programme provides advice and guidance on how to ensure a solid administrative base for an organisation. We teach organisational structure, filing systems, office communication, how to manage telephone calls, appointments and visitors, books and forms, sending and receiving letters, and much more.

Computer Skills

As we shift towards paperless workspaces, every function requires interaction with computers. Those with advanced computer skills get the edge in interviews as this is desired by employers. This includes using basic applications such as Microsoft Office.

Barista Skills

In this programme we teach the history of beans, how to grind coffee, how coffee beans differ, popular coffee beverages, milk frothing techniques, latte art and machine care and maintenance.

Employment Readiness Training

Employment readiness is defined as being able, with little or no outside help, to find, acquire and keep an appropriate job as well as to manage transitions. The outcome of this programme is the ability to enter and manage working environments.

Career Guidance

To provide local high school learners with career guidance workshops to help them map out their pathways by choosing the right school subjects and to help them to make the right and informed career choices.

Community Development

We operate in unprecedented communities with many challenges that often requires us to act. We deeply care about these communities, and over the years we have increased our scope of community development work to improve the livelihoods of all people living in these communities.

We address key socioeconomic issues such as unemployment, poverty, and violence through various programmes and partnerships. Our organisation is led by local people who sees each day as an opportunity to make a difference and who are on a mission to improve the livelihoods of people every day.

Adolescent Girls Empowerment

Due to the increased number of cases in Gender-Based Violence in our communities we came with this project to provide adolescent girls with a girls-only life skills programme where they are empowered with extra education support, life skills support and a safe space where they are able to express themselves with girls related issues.

Learn4Life! Life Skills Training

It is a fun and practical life skills programme which trains young school learners to be confident and be change agents in the communities. Our Learn4Life curriculum was designed by Masifunde Learner Development Project and covers Health (HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse and Nutrition), Personal Development, Cultural Identity and Nature and Environment.

Soup Kitchen Nutrition Programme

This programme helps those many households in our community who need food in order to survive. We partner with other local organisations who donate groceries to the families of the children we support.

Employment Creation

Unemployment in the township of Crossroads and Nyanga is quite high, life is very difficult without a form of income to sustain lives and families. We have therefore formed a number of strategic partnerships to create economic opportunities for youth and older persons living in Crossroads and Nyanga.

Arts & Culture

Our Arts & Culture Programmes came as a result of our belief system at Ikamva; that all the learners have different gifts to share to the world, and that all gifts deserve a chance.

Emergency Support

This is our community response programme – we respond by providing much needed support to the challenges faced by families in difficult times of need and crises. We offer support to families who are affected by fires or food relief to families affected by the Covid 19 pandemic, and any form of response.

Fighting Substance Abuse

This program is specifically designed for children and youth who are living in the high crime areas we serve and who are at risk of consuming or who have started to consume substances. The primary objective of this programme is to raise awareness, provide education and to break the cycle of substance abuse.