Our Alumni share their thoughts about Ikamva Labantwana

This programme helped me improve my marks and gain admittance to LEAP Science and Maths School. My years a LEAP have made me confident that I will go to university, where I’m excited to study medicine.

Ezile Booi
LEAP Science and Maths School

Growing up in Crossroads I became involved in gangsterism at a young age. I did not know that there were better options until the day that I met Siviwe Dlukwana. Siviwe taught me that education was one of the most powerful tools that I could use to change my life. I joined ILB and never looked back.

Khaya Khuze
Sinethemba Secondary School

ILB tutoring sessions were one of my first encounters with people who were genuinely willing to help and wanted me to succeed. It opened up new opportunities for me!

Mbulelelo Dyami
Sinethemba Secondary School

Siviwe taught me that where I come from does not determine who I will become.

Asanda Magxidolo
Sinethemba Secondary School

Joining Ikamva Labantwana Bethu increased my confidence in school – even my teachers noticed! The programme helped me build a solid foundation that has helped me through my high school years.

Axolile Ndebandile
Sinethemba Secondary School

ILB didn’t just offer academic support, but provided me with positive role models. Siviwe was not only a teacher, but a mentor.

Ntsikelelo Dyonase
Phandulwazi High School

ILB taught me to have goals and focus on my future success. I achieved my first 100% in Maths because of the support that I received through the programme. Next year, I look forward to becoming an ILB tutor and giving back.

Ndumiso Sobantu
LEAP Science and Maths School

I joined ILB to get away from bad influences in my community and stayed because it taught me to love Maths, a subject that I was struggling with before I joined the programme.

Linda Nkosana
Sinethemba Secondary School

The tutors at ILB are great. They are committed to us and understand where we come from. After one term, I went from earning a 65% to earning an 80%, which helped me gain the confidence to reach higher and expect more from myself.

Athule Manana
Sinethemba Secondary School

I dreamt about getting into LEAP and I saw ILB as a way to get there – now here I am! The more that I attended tutoring the more I improved. I hope to offer my services as an ILB tutor in the future because I want to provide younger learners from Crossroads the same opportunities.

Unathi Nkomiyahlaba
LEAP Science and Maths School

I loved going to ILB because it offered me a different perspective on education. The tutors taught me to look at concepts in different ways and were always adding something new to what I was learning. I also enjoyed being able to connect with other bright and committed students from around Crossroads.

Lizeka Maya
LEAP Science and Maths School

When I started at ILB, I thought Maths was the most difficult subject ever, but after a while, I fell in love with it! ILB gave me the opportunity to study at LEAP and I hope to use my education to promote change in the black community.

Namhla Biyana
LEAP Science and Maths School

Being a part of ILB taught me that Maths is the biggest weapon that people have to change their lives. I now attend CAMST, where teachers love what they do and so many more opportunities are available to me. I look forward to studying computer science at university and being a tutor at ILB.

Ayabonga Booi
Cape Academy of Maths, Science and Technology

When I joined ILB my marks were so low that I was worried about making it to the next grade. The tutors took the time to answer all of my questions and my marks really improved. I’m no longer intimidated by the hard work that it takes to learn new things!

Yanga Giliba
Zola Business School

The first day that I attended ILB tutoring was one of the most educational days of my life. I found hope in the fact that ILB believed in me and wanted me to succeed. It kept me wanting more of those days.

Azola Stuurman
LEAP Science and Maths School