Homework Assistance

Learners need to maintain strong marks to gain admittance to high-performing high schools. ILB provides a safe space for learners to complete their homework with access to assistance from tutors. We currently have 75 children in our classes, from grade four to seven, drawn from primary schools from Crossroads.


Monday through Thursday afterschool from 3h30pm – 5h30pm

Maths and English Tutoring

ILB provides additional tutoring in Maths and English using resources and materials that are tied to the South African national curriculum. In this session we focus on maths and english and we also provide kids more time and support. This helps the improve on their learnings also  and keeps them away from the streets.

Times: Monday through Thursday after school and Saturday morning from 9am – 1pm for Maths and English.

Holiday Programmes

•ILB ensures that learners stay on track during school breaks and away from the streets by providing educational and cultural programming in the June Winter and September Spring holidays.

ILB ensures that learners stay on track during school breaks and keeps them occupied by providing educational and cultural programming in the Winter and Spring holidays. Moreover, we believe that learners should spend their time in the most productive way possible.

We also do fun scientific experiments and tutoring where we aim to win kid’s interest on scientific studies.

Times: 9am-4:30 pm. (June-July for two weeks)

9am-4:30 pm. (September-Oct for 1 week)

High School Placement

To ensure a stronger path to University, ILB helps learners gain admittance to local high-performing high schools. ILB alumni are currently studying at LEAP Science and Maths Schools and Cape Academy for Maths, Science and Technology.

ILB has also partnered with other high performing high schools like Claremont High School, COSAT and Christel House in 2015. We are hoping to send kids to these schools in the future. This year, Siphokazi Thonga who is currently in our grade seven class at Sikelela Primary School was lucky enough to be accepted at Claremont High School out of 650 applicants.

We have been able to place over twenty kids to high performing high schools within the Cape Town region from 2012 to 2015. We hope to attain a 100% High School placement every year

Bursary Assistance

•While ILB partners with schools that offer exceptional value for money, learners often need financial assistance for school fees, uniforms, books, stationary and transportation. We help learners access bursary funds so they can afford the basic necessities needed to attend school.

We have started building partnerships with bursary institutions around Western Cape and hope to secure bursaries for high school learners.